Swollen Uvula Symptoms


The swollen uvula symptoms that you might face due to an abnormal size of uvula comprise of a variety of things. A typical case of swollen uvula is classified as uvulitis in medical terms, and is characterized by an abnormal enlargement of the uvula to about 3 to 5 times its size. You would find that a case of uvulitis is marked by some simple uvulitis symptoms that can be quite irritating. When a case of uvulitis sets in, the enlarged uvula starts to scrape against tongue and back of throat. Due to this, certain uvulitis symptoms develop in the body. In order to understand these uvulitis symptoms, you need to see what the major uvulitis causes are, and how you can handle them.

What Causes Uvulitis?

In order to understand what causes uvulitis, you need to take a look at the different reasons associated with uvulitis. One of the most common problems that are associated with uvulitis comprise of the symptoms of dehydration. Due to dehydration in the body, uvula can get swollen and interfere with the normal function of the tongue, mouth and throat. Further, some bacterial infections lead to the abnormal enlargement of the uvula and the onset of uvulitis symptoms. Excessive smoking is another reason which can lead to the problem of uvulitis. Sometimes, excessive snoring also leads to the enlargement of the uvula. Aphthous ulcer formation in the uvula can also lead to the enlargement of the uvula. All these problems can lead to a case of swollen uvula and the problem of uvulitis. In order to treat such a condition, you would have to know the underlying causes. Depending upon the underlying uvulitis causes, you can take steps for the treatment of this condition.

Treatment for Uvulitis

The treatment for uvulitis comprises of a variety of things, mainly concerned with the identification of uvulitis causes. Dehydration and simple bacterial infections can be treated through simple home remedies. Aphthous ulcers would require proper diagnosis and treatment of the case for relief from uvulitis symptoms. EpiPen is another way through which you can resolve recurring cases of uvulitis by simple injecting when such a case sets in. Overall, a case of swollen uvula is nothing to worry about as it can easily be handled through simple home remedies.

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