What Is Uvulitis?


The understanding of what uvulitis is can only be attained when you take a look at the uvula. Uvula is defined as the conic projections from the soft palate in the mouth, the bell shaped structure that is present at the back of the mouth. There are different functions associated with the uvula, and it is considered to be an important part of your mouth. A swollen uvula is a case where the uvula gets swollen to about 3 to 5 times its original size. Due to the increased size, several symptoms can set in the mouth and body. Here is a look at some of the uvulitis symptoms that can arise in the body due to a swollen uvula.

Uvulitis Symptoms

The uvulitis symptoms that are associated with the condition comprise of issues that arise due to the large size of the uvula. A swollen uvula can lead to the feeling of gagging and choking, mainly because of the swollen uvula touching the back of the tongue and throat. Although there is no foreign entity involved, the feeling of gagging and choking can be quite severe. Due to this, breathing, talking and eating can become troublesome. Although the uvulitis symptoms can be quite irksome, they do not persist for long durations. Typically, you would find that the uvulitis symptoms would persist for a day or two. A general case of uvulitis gets resolved on its own, without any major treatment. Sometimes, however, you might require the treatment for uvulitis. A treatment of uvulitis comprises of taking a look at uvulitis causes. The uvulitis causes can be related to a variety of conditions, some as simple as dehydration. Therefore, in order to pursue complete treatment of uvulitis, you would have to check the major uvulitis causes.

Treatment of Uvulitis

General treatment of uvulitis comprises of taking care of the major uvulitis symptoms. The major uvulitis causes are determined and treatment is given to handle the condition. If uvulitis is caused by dehydration, lots of water is advised to the patient. In case it is a bacterial infection, you would have to gargle with a saline solution for proper treatment for uvulitis. Although uvulitis is not a life threatening condition, it can be extremely irritating and troublesome.

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